What is the Energy Savings Scheme?

The Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) has been introduced by the NSW Government to reduce electricity consumption by providing households and businesses to upgrade their lighting equipment’s to energy-efficient LED lights, at discounted rates. Smart Energy Savers is working under the ESS Scheme to undertake energy saving projects by installing, improving or replacing energy savings equipment, allowing households and businesses to take advantage of the discounted LED lighting upgrade.

Am I Eligible for the discounted lighting upgrade?

If you live or run a business in New South Wales and the lighting you currently have is not energy efficient by design, you should be eligible. Businesses, homeowners and those living in rental properties are all eligible to apply. If you are not sure whether you are eligible, please feel free to call and ask for assistance.

Eligibility for Residential Premises:

  • A minimum of 15 halogen downlights.
  • Electricity Bill under customer’s name.

Eligibility for Small Businesses:

  • Registered Business Property.
  • Electricity Bill under Business name.
  • Active ABN.

Eligibility for Commercial Premises:

  • Registered Commercial Property.
  • Electricity Bill under Business name.
  • Active ABN.

Is it compulsory to upgrade our home to energy efficient products?

No, your participation is voluntary.  You do not have to accept any offers made by Smart Energy Savers or our representatives.  The NSW Government does not require households to upgrade their homes to be more energy efficient.

How much will it cost?

As per the requirements, Smart Energy Savers charges a small fee for both commercial and residential customers which covers all your eligible lighting to be upgraded to LED. This includes the cost of the products, installation, site assessment and other associated works carried out by Smart Energy Savers.

Are there any hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges for having your lighting upgraded by Smart Energy Savers in New South Wales. However, additional costs may be charged depending on the outcome of the initial assessment.

Who Installs the Energy-Efficient LED Lighting?

We supply and install all the LED lights you may require for your home or business in New South Wales. The actual installation work is performed by our team of qualified Electricians.

How can I avail discount on Lighting Upgrade?

  1. Contact Smart Energy Savers on our hotline, and we will sign you up once we assess if your eligibility for discounted lighting upgrade under the ESS Scheme.
  2. We send out qualified electrician to carry out the upgrade by replacing your existing lights with LED lights.
  3. All the paperwork is handled by Smart Energy Savers, and all you need to do is sign it off and enjoy savings.