Eco Matters 25W LED Panel

Eco Matters 25W LED Panel is a flat design that is the outcome of best LED cutting edge technology. It has replaced the outdated LED technology. High-quality materials are used in this product that boasting high purity die-cast aluminium heat sink and CE/IF-F approved LED Chip. This LED will provide a bright radiant glow to your office area, whilst saving energy and the environment.

  • 25W LED Panel Light is flat design that is providing best LED cutting edge Technology.
  • This will not only provide bright radiant glow to your office area but will also save energy and the environment.
  • This product use low energy ang gives good results.
  • It gives fast response because of its best LED technology and aluminum.
  • It contains no mercury, led or cadmium which makes it environment friendly
  • It is low glare as well as non-flickering.
  • It saves energy that is why it is called extremely energy efficient.
Input Power
3255.5 lm
Colour Temperature

Technical Specifications

  • Light Efficiency 130.22 lm/W
  • Color Temperature 5000K
  • CRI 80
  • Power Factor 0.9
  • Beam Angle 120°

Model Information

  • Dimmable No
  • IP Rating 20
  • Dimensions 295 x 1195 mm
  • Life Span 50,000 hrs
  • Warranty 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty